Merlene Watson-Evans, General Secretary of the Women’s Freedom Movement of the Jamaica Labour Party is outraged at a Jamaica 50 tagged billboard in Portmore, St. Catherine that represented a defiled Jamaican flag with the Peoples National Party’s (PNP) official colour orange replacing the official national flag colour gold. Mrs. Watson-Evans is calling for the billboard to be taken down immediately.

The billboard put up by Member of Parliament Mr. Fitz Jackson’s, South St. Catherine constituency and endorsed by the Mayor of Portmore, His Worship George Lee and PNP Councillors is located in close proximity to the Newland stoplight.  The JLP Women’s Freedom Movement says it brings to the fore again serious concerns about the deliberate defilement of the Jamaican flag for narrow-minded political objectives.  

Mrs. Watson-Evans pointed out that it was only a few weeks ago that Opposition members in Parliament raised concerns about the crude replacement of the official gold colour in the flag with orange on the cover of a Sectoral Debate presentation by a Government Minister. Further yet, in April of this year a representation of the Jamaican flag at an official swearing ceremony for St. James Parish Councillors was defiled by the replacement of the official green colour in the flag with black, causing public outrage.

The JLP Women’s Freedom Movement said that with Jamaica celebrating 50 years of independence he is ashamed of what is clearly a totalitarian like and organized move to defile to Jamaican flag, one of a nation’s most important symbols, for narrow political considerations.


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