CITIZENS ACTION FOR PRINCIPLE AND INTEGRITY (CAPI) has condemned the arrogance displayed by Member of Parliament (MP) for St James Southern, and a senior member of the Cabinet, Derrick Kellier, in his response to concerns raised by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG).

According to Hugh Fagan, convenor, while not pronouncing on the guilt or innocence of the MP, his response smacks of arrogance and contempt for the OCG and the people of Jamaica. Mr. Kellier didn’t even seek to deny the allegation, but instead, stoutly defended is questionable actions in recommending his own brother for contracts in his constituency.

The Minister’s action is a clear demonstration of gross nepotism which may be perceived as corrupt. This does not augurs well for the well stated position by Prime Minister Simpson-Miller, that of conducting a transparent government which will be intolerant of any semblance of corruption.

Mr. Fagan asserts, considering that Mr Kellier has not denied the allegations, but rather, has defended his actions. The Prime Minister must demonstrate her intolerance by temporarily relieving Minister Kellier of his portfolio responsibilities until the OCG’s investigations are through.

CAPI commends the OCG in its tenacious and undeviating pursuits in protecting and defending the public’s interest against any act of perceived corrupt practices.


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