WHO IS IN CHARGE OF ENERGY? Phillip Paulwell or Dr. Carlton Davis – MAIR ASKS

Opposition Spokesman for Industry, Commerce and Energy, Gregory Mair is concerned with recent developments showing clear policy and leadership confusion on Energy matters in Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller led administration.


His comments came on the heels of statements in the media made by Dr. Carlton Davis, Advisor to the Prime Minister that totally contradicts that of the Minister of Energy, Phillip Paulwell. Mr. Mair said that it is absolutely unacceptable that an Advisor to the Government makes statements that contradict that of a Minister of Government who, as a member of the Cabinet, is tasked with leading on Policy matters related to his or her portfolio.  


He further mentioned that this impasse is occurring just as the Government is completing the LNG tender process, of which Mr. Mair already has serious concerns, and after a ruling in the Courts of the land which directly impact the validity of the JPS license. 


Mr. Mair highlighted that the energy sector is in a delicate position and noted that the Prime Minister’s absence on the subject is intolerable. He called on the Prime Minister to clarify who is in charge of policy in the energy portfolio and urgently clear up this messy state of affairs.


Mr. Mair also called on the Prime Minister to:


1.      State whether legislation to address the validity of the JPS license will be brought forward following the recent Court ruling that the JPS monopoly was illegal, and if not what her Government will do.


2.      To clarify the confusing and disturbing state of affairs regarding the award of the LNG infrastructure tender to Samsung despite it not being the lowest bidder, and;


3.      State whether the government intends to action his recommendations in the Sectoral Debate for the active pursuit of diversifying Jamaica’s energy mix with the inclusion of coal and solar energy.


Mr. Mair said that these issues are essential as they will determine whether or not Jamaica will successfully reduce the cost of energy which is critical in moving our country forward.



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