Basil Waite taking home almost 4-million dollars a year – BREAK SILENCE ON GOVERNMENT CONSULTANTS – G2K


G2K today called upon the Government to break its silence on the hiring of Consultants and advisers. G2K notes that over five weeks have passed since the government promised to provide a full outline of the job descriptions, salaries and benefits of all the Consultants and advisors. G2K says it also respectfully requested that the Government impose a freeze on hiring until that information is provided to the people of Jamaica. To date the country has not been addressed by the Minister of Finance, Minister of Information nor the Prime Minister on this very serious matter.



“It is unacceptable that at this time where transparency and accountability are so critical to people regaining trust in our political process that our Government is unable to face the people and let it be known how the people’s money is being spent” stated Floyd Green, president of the organization. “The Government cannot continue to talk the talk and not walk the walk, it is time.”



The Organization continues to be concerned, with the latest reports surfacing that Advisors, Consultants assigned to the Local Government Ministry are being paid over 11.6 million annually including  former Senator Basil Waite, who is taking home almost 4-million dollars a year as a Senior Advisor to the Minister.



“This is fast approaching a crisis of Governance as one now has to wonder who is running the Government with Advisors such as Carlton Davis apparently wielding the power of Ministers to advance Government policy positions and with the Government displaying such reluctance in sharing critical information about these Consultants.”  said Green



The Government is reminded that in our 50th year, old habits that have stagnated our economy in the past must be put aside. The sacrifices being made by the people of Jamaica to cope with current harsh economic times should not be squandered on keeping the party faithful happy


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