Breaking News – LONDON 2012 FAILURE – TOURISM MINISTER LOST while Junior Minister “a shell dung a club a London”


Opposition Spokesperson on Tourism and Travel Service Development, Mr. Edmund Bartlett this evening said that Tourism Minister Dr. Wykeham McNeil, at today’s Press Conference on Government’s London 2012 Olympics activities, confirmed the miserable failure at putting in place and executing an effective marketing strategy that would bring concrete benefits to the tourism sector and the broader Jamaican economy.


Mr. Bartlett said that Dr. McNeil’s announcements amounted to a deliberate ‘mixing’ of the facts as the visit of travel agents next month and additional airlift out of Europe were long established and has absolutely nothing to do with the London 2012 Olympics.  Mr. Bartlett also pointed out that the Tourism Minister failed at effectively utilizing social media inclusive of Facebook and Twitter in driving interest in Jamaica’s tourism offerings. Instead, Mr. Bartlett said during the Olympics the Minister of State, Mr. Damion Crawford tweeted on the night of Tuesday August 7 that he and others “a shell dung a club a London”.


Mr. Bartlett also said that while  ‘Jamaica House at O2 Arena’ paid for by taxpayers dollars in London was a wonderful drinking and party spot; it was a logistical “nightmare”, “unclear” on objectives, not engaging for attendees and devoid of information on Jamaica, as spelt out in a recent letter to the editor by a concerned Jamaican in England. These views he said reflect those of other attendees at ‘Jamaica House at O2’ in London.


He noted that Tourism Minister’s frail presentation today only at best confirmed very strong public perceptions that the Jamaican government had one grand party in London and wasted near J$150 million in taxpayer dollars.


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