Did the Minister of Tourism take Jamaican Journalists for a ride? What has happened to investigative journalism!? Google?


Dr. Wykeham McNeil, Minister of Tourism addressed a Press Conference today after mounting criticism that close to JA$150 million was wasted by the government in London for Jamaica promotional activities for the Olympics 2012. Clearly the Minister failed to put a plan together to extract benefits from our athlete’s spectacular performance. Instead, according to multiple reports out of the UK Jamaican Government Ministers had Parties and drink ups on Taxpayers tabs. As a matter of fact, during the Olympics the Minister of State, Mr. Damion Crawford tweeted on the night of Tuesday August 7 that he and others “a shell dung a club a London”.


Mr. Ed Bartlett, Opposition Spokesman for Tourism said that Dr. McNeil’s announcements amounted to a deliberate ‘mixing’ of the facts as his announced visit of travel agents next month and additional airlift out of Europe were long established and has absolutely nothing to do with the London 2012 Olympics.


See examples below and NOTE THE DATES. What McNeil announced is nothing new and is totally unrelated to London 2012:


Jamaica Kicks Off Agent Education Program

July 16, 2010


Fall Travel Agent Fly-Ins

The Jamaica Tourist Board is also organizing a series of fly-ins targeting travel agents in the United States and Canada, following two fly-ins that took place end of June. Roughly 2,000 travel agents will be flown to the island to experience and learn first-hand about the new product offerings found in the various resort areas. The fly-ins are part of a campaign to maintain awareness and bookings to Jamaica during the Fall and Winter seasons. The agent program will take place September 10-13, September 17-20, September 24-27 and October 1-4.  Interested agents should contact the Jamaica Tourist Board.


Visit http://www.visitjamaica.com, or call the Jamaica Tourist Board at 1-800-JAMAICA (1-800-526-2422).


Virgin Atlantic add new Jamaica flights

Netflights | May 25, 2012

In a surprise statement this week, Virgin Atlantic has announced an increase in the number of flights it will run between London’s GatwickAirport and Montego Bay, Jamaica, from this winter.

Starting in November, Richard Branson’s UK carrier will add an additional weekly flight to the Caribbean island each Friday, bringing the total of weekly flights up to three. The new Friday flights will be complimenting the current services on Wednesdays and Sundays, which are aimed at facilitating the increasing number of tourists seeking the sun of the Caribbean, as well as supporting demand for visitors from the area coming to Britain.

The additional flight was announced as the first newly refurbished aircraft start appearing on the route; with the remaining refits expected to be completed in time for the start of new service in November. Nick Palmer, Virgin Atlantic’s Caribbean regional manager, said: “We have committed more than £50 million to completely refurbishing the aircraft used on this service including new wider seats in Economy and Premium Economy and a new touch screen Inflight Entertainment system throughout. The new system by Panasonic offers 300 hours of content including the latest movies, TV shows and music for our passenger’s enjoyment.”

Virgin Atlantic have been flying to Montego Bay since 2006, making them a key connection between the two nations and helping the UK reach and maintain its position as the largest inbound European market to the Island.

In the same week that Virgin Atlantic announced the extra Caribbean flight the airline also confirmed it is to cease its service between London Heathrow and Nairobi, Kenya and celebrated its inaugural flight to Vancouver, Canada. If this was not enough, the carrier has also announced this month that it will be resuming flights from London to Mumbai and adding an extra flight to New York’s JFK airport, both starting later this year.



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3 responses to “Did the Minister of Tourism take Jamaican Journalists for a ride? What has happened to investigative journalism!? Google?

  1. Pryce a Fish

    Shell dung the club and drink liquor on poor people taxes yes “DREAD.” By all a razor to keep the cheeks and chin well smooth yes.

    Shell it dung and tun up the spending yes. After all nuh trough it name? Oink Oink Oink !

    The Black Farmer Brand Pork sausage is the highest rated sausage in the UK.

  2. tiredadi-ish

    u didn’t make the connect. would have been better if you had put in bold what the minister announced and then showed what was announced previously. many of us didnt bother wasting time to listen to the spin so dont know what the minister said to make the comparison. blog got lost in translation

  3. corey clarke

    Can’t believe u were a communication consultant to the govt. You obviously extracting piecemeal here seivwright. Give the full story so that one can objectively compare.

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