Daryl Vaz Steps Aside

As a result of my facing the Court today, I have indicated to the leadership of the Jamaica LabourParty that I will take leave of absence with immediate effect from my sole position in the Party, that of Shadow Minister on ICT & Digital Society Development.


I have taken this principled position as it is not only the correct course of action but also I would like to distance and minimize the effect on my beloved Party as this matter is strictly of a personal nature.  I would like to assure my Constituents that I will continue to serve West Portland with my 110% commitment  as I am confident of being vindicated once again in the many challenges I have faced in my public life.


I wish to thank the thousands of Jamaicans, family, friends and colleagues on both sides of the House for the prayers, support and good wishes that have been flowing in as I go through this difficult time.  I remain strong in faith and constantly remind myself  of the biblical quote “Who God bless no man curse”.

 Daryl Vaz, MP



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2 responses to “Daryl Vaz Steps Aside

  1. Karl Chung

    Good going Delano.

  2. Very classy move. If only all politicians were this intelligent. Brings to mind a bulby criminal from the west who hung on despite tremendous evidence of criminality. Darryl will be back.

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