Where did the £1 million/J$140M of our tax dollars go? The London 2012 SHELL DUNG mystery continues…


The London 2012 Shell Dung Scandal continues….Why is no one answering the question? What marketing strategy or strategies were put in place for the London 2012 Olympics? Where did the one million pounds of poor people money go? And why all of a sudden these increasing attacks on Mr. Ed Bartlett who was probably the best Minister of Tourism ever?  


The Ministers need to answer….




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One response to “Where did the £1 million/J$140M of our tax dollars go? The London 2012 SHELL DUNG mystery continues…

  1. Comrade Smitty

    Delano, I must continue to commend you for the good job you have been doing and your steadfast resolve in wanting better for the country. I have also seen strides being taking in you addressing your once crass response to the naysayers, and you have now become more tempered.
    In a country that will continue to be labeled “PNP country”, there is no shock that any wrong the PNP does, is always ignored by the populace as they look for some way to finger the JLP as creating mischief and not actually showing concern for the greater good of Jamaica. As one who was privy to the exchange between yourself and Mr. Crawford, I was amazed at the fact that he tried to belittle the argument of accountability and instead tried to turn the tide to an attack on the use of Jamaican slang. He was downright pathetic in doing so, and I must say, that although I have much respect for him as a young and promising Parliamentarian trying to make a change, it is evident the old guard is rubbing off on him.
    The simple question of “Was their a plan to support the expenditures in London?” or the question of ” What was the money fully utilized for, what are the gains we expect to get from it?” are things that should easily be answered by the Ministers. But it seems they really went to London to throw a big party, hoping the people of Jamaica would think that it must be some form of Marketing strategy, so they shouldn’t question it. But we are not all fools. Every Marketing manager, Administrator etc. knows that you have to have a plan before, not after you spend on marketing and promotions. They should confess that they knew not what they were doing with the money, and were simply hoping good would come. Because clearly that’s what they did if they are so reluctant to now comment.
    Mr. Seiveright, continue to use this blog as a means of highlighting the ills of the current administration. Also continue to do what is right in the name of Jamaica. The PNP is a well oiled machine of lies and deception, but someone needs to continue to highlight them and expose them for what they are.
    Please continue to work on the tone you utilize when communicating, it is your biggest weakness when trying to get through to the masses. I dare say you should take a page out of Michael Manley’s book, on using charm to win over the people, just be steadfast like Bruce in doing so, or even Audley. LOL.

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