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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Dear Editor,

I am a Jamaican living in England and visited the Jamaica House at O2 twice. I had a great time with my sister and two friends, mainly because our athletes blazed a trail of victory.

Overall though, it was a logistical disaster and reflected quite a bit of poor planning and execution. The place was at best a decently put together empty shell. There was nothing for visitors to instantaneously take up offers to visit Jamaica, invest or even learn about the island. On the flip side, the drinks and food were commendable.

Now after hearing that £1 million was spent by the government in England on promotional activities, including Jamaica House, I must admit that I am at a loss. I went online to check whether there was a lot of organised tourism promotion activity by the government during the games and came up blank. Instead, I see where the Junior Minister Damian Crawford tweeted that he and some friends “a shell dung a club a london”. With so much suffering in Jamaica, I don’t think it looks good that so much money was spent and he was partying up a storm. He needs to be reminded that this is serious business.

His time would have been better spent as a young minister overseeing social media promotions to get Jamaican bang for its scarce bucks. Mr Ed Bartlett, Mr Delano Seiveright and all the other concerned persons, including me, are well within our rights to question what marketing strategies are in place to pull out the best possible returns with our limited resources.

£1 million of taxpayers’ money can’t just slide like that. I demand answers.

Jennifer Gregory






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