Letter in the Jamaica Observer today.


Friday, August 24, 2012


Dear Editor,

Whatever spin people put on it, the twitter message “shell dung the club” by Minister of State Damion Crawford while ostensibly partying at a club in London during the Olympics is disgraceful.

I urge Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to rein in the minister, but I am afraid that request will go nowhere. What really hurt me most was that while the government says that it spent £1 million on its London 2012 promotional activities, from what I have read they failed to tell us if they had a sensible plan working with in the first place.

I am a teacher and am worried about pension arrangements and if I will get a decent increase in my salary, yet this minister is partying in London with wild abandon, sending irresponsible tweets that set no example to our already misguided young people.

Our country is in a mess in every sense of the word, and this development has turned me off even more in holding onto any faith in our political leadership. Age doesn’t necessarily mean that one is short on maturity, accountability and responsibility. Someone please do me a favour and tell Mr Crawford to grow up, and while he is at it tell the people of Jamaica what the dickens £1 million was spent on.


M Winston

Kingston 19


£1 million not well spent



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