PNP blasts Police – Lottery Scam Task Force – RJR [Sad day for Jamaica]

PNP’s Region 6 blasts Lottery Scam Task Force – RJR

Delegates of the People’s National Party’s Region Region 6 have blasted members of the Lottery Scam Task Force for their handling of the operation which led to the arrest of Deputy Mayor of Montego Bay Michael Troupe and Councillor for the Salt Spring Division Sylvan Reid.

The concerns were raised at the recent Annual Delegates Conference of PNP Region 6.

The delegates said they noted, with alarm, the circumstances under which Mr. Troupe and Mr. Reid were treated in their recent arrest and the attendant publicity given by the Police to the arrests and charge of both men.

Region 6 highlighted the handcuffing of Councillor Troupe, and the parading of the PNP member in an open truck back through sections of his Division and the town of Montego Bay.

The delegates also raised concerns over the detention and public declaration by investigators issue of both men’s being major players in the Lottery Scam.

Region Six added that the charge of illegal possession of a firearm brought against Councillor Troupe was dismissed by the Court, and no further charge have to date been proffered.

Councillor Reid, Region Six said, has not been charged for anything other than the unlawful possession of a flat screen TV in his home– an item which most householders might very well have a difficulty in providing receipt for.

Region Six delegates condemned what it says the blatant disregard for justice in light of the fact that the men have not been charged relating to Lottery Scam.

They also mentioned what they say is the irreparable harm done to the reputations of both men, and encourage all Jamaicans to insist that the security forces, in the exercise of their duties, have due regard to the rights of citizens.

It said step should also be taken to ensure that the fate suffered by Councillors Troupe and Reid be never repeated.


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