Councillor for the Chancery Hall Division, Mr. Duane Smith today said that he will boycott a planned retreat by the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) at an all inclusive resort in Ocho Rios this weekend, in light of the fact that the still blurred objectives of the retreat can be met in Kingston, saving the cash strapped Council hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Mr. Smith says that the KSAC should set a clear agenda of work going forward, make every effort to keep costs very low in this time of economic crisis and work to better allocate scare resources for the benefit of taxpayers.  
He added that since the devastation associated with Tropical Storm Isaac in the Chancery Hall Division, he wrote to the Mayor four (4) times seeking urgent assistance including clearing rubble from streets to allow trapped residents access to and from their homes. He said that the funds that would have been used to pay for his accommodations at a resort in Ocho Rios should be made available to help with the urgent issues in the Council including cleaning of debris associated with Tropical storm Isaac that is still causing a major inconvenience to his constituents.
Mr. Smith, 30, is one of the youngest Councillors in Jamaica . He is a Businessman and son of Member of Parliament, Derrick Smith. He holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelors degree in Business from the Nova Southeastern University and the Florida International University respectively.
The newly created Chancery Hall division is drawn from the realignment of three constituencies – North West , West and West Rural St . Andrew. Its communities include Patrick City , Meadowbrook Estate, Perkins Estate, sections of Duhaney Park , Kirkland Heights , Belvedere, Forest Hills and Queen Hill. The division is located in the North West St. Andrew constituency currently held by his father.

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