Lisa hanna

The Opposition Spokesperson on Youth, Sports, Culture & Gender Affairs Ms. Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange is today expressing shock at the news that three juveniles attempted suicide at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre over the weekend.

According to Ms. Grange this incident brings into sharp focus the need for a purpose built facility to house juveniles and the urgent necessity to immediately relocate the juveniles  at Horizon to an appropriate facility.

Ms. Grange said: “The situation has now reached crisis proportions and something must be done before other incarcerated young women resort to desperate measures. This incident has happened just over a month after the suicide of Vanessa Wint at the same institution and shows that there is a failure on the part of the government and the minister in putting in place measures to protect our children. The Minister of youth has again failed in her role as a Minister and should be shown the door.”

Ms. Grange suggested that Minister Hanna’s replacement must come to the nation with practical and credible plans as to how the government will deal with the issue of youth who are in the custody of the state. And must also outline plans on how to care for challenged youth who have run afoul of the law.

The Opposition Spokespersons further stated that: “The Minister of Youth has not fulfilled her mandate of protecting the youth of the nation and after one year in government has lost the confidence of not only a majority of the youth advocacy groups but also civil society and the JLP, She must go.”


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One response to “LISA HANNA MUST GO NOW – Opposition

  1. Konign

    This sounds like a lot of poticalnposture speak to me. Doesn’t Babsy Grange worship Ms Hanna? Shut up Babsy, no one believes you.

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