G2K on OCG’s referral of the Cabinet of Jamaica for criminal prosecution


Kingston, Jamaica: In light of the information, which was released yesterday by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG), regarding the OCG’s referral of the Cabinet of Jamaica for criminal prosecution due its alleged non-compliance with the office’s lawful requests, Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, is today congratulating the OCG on its bold and courageous move.

President of G2K, Floyd Green states that “It is important that all Jamaicans be reassured that no institution or individual will be allowed to flout the rules that have been established to ensure that the interest of the people are protected. The OCG was established as a commission of Parliament to protect the government contracting process from Jamaica’s plague of corruption which has stifled the Country’s growth over the years. Members of the Cabinet and all Parliamentarians must remember that they are servants of the people and, as such, must never be allowed to pay scant regard to institutions such as the OCG, which was established to safeguard our democracy.”

G2K sees allegations made by the OCG, regarding the Government withholding information, as grave given that such action can only boost the widely held notion of Jamaica being a corrupt country and is even more worrying in light of our nation’s continued poor performance on the Corruption Perception Index compiled by Transparency International.

“One has to question whether the Government is truly committed to transparency and accountability and whether the Prime Minister’s campaign promise to strengthen the OCG was just shallow, meaningless electioneering.” states Green

Generation 2000 is calling on all well thinking Jamaicans and members of civil society to support the OCG in its quest to faithfully discharge its mandate and obligations to the people of Jamaica.


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One response to “G2K on OCG’s referral of the Cabinet of Jamaica for criminal prosecution

  1. Enos Anderson

    The OCG has my full support.

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