J$3 Million Cel Phone Bill for Government Minister, Tax Dollars again


Jamaica’s Cabinet (2 Members Missing)


A Cabinet Minister racked up an over JA$3 million cellular phone bill with taxpayers having to pony up the cash soon. The massive bill was largely racked up while the Cabinet Minister was in London, England enjoying the Olympics last year.

You will recall that a scandalous £1 million (then JA$142 million) of mainly taxpayers money was spent on London Olympics 2012 promotional activities or as some call the “Shell Dung” saga. Recall also that airfare and accommodations for Ministers and their delegations were not included in the £1 million extravaganza. Also note that none of this money was steered to the benefit of any of our athletes and their families. And to date no major benefit for Jamaica. No value for money. It was in short a grand shell dung Party.

While the government tells Jamaicans over and over the tighten their belts, demand that public sector workers absorb another wage freeze and readies to land billions more in oppressive taxes; they buy 16 luxury SUVs for Ministers, take on scores of multi-million dollar Advisors and Consultants; maintain a huge 20 member Cabinet and now one Minister racks up a smooth JA$3 million phone bill! There are countless cases of profligate spending by our Government; first class tickets and high end accommodations for the Prime Minister and her Ministers has already run into tens of millions. Beyond that our Prime Minister who rides around in a modified BMW 5 series insists that she needs a new vehicle.

As all this unfolds our Minister of Finance Dr. Peter Phillips told Public Sector workers boldly during the budget debate last year that, “It cannot make sense to break into an empty shop, mek no sense to raid an empty cupboard. There is very little in the cupboard at this point in time,”

Interesting times ahead!



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3 responses to “J$3 Million Cel Phone Bill for Government Minister, Tax Dollars again

  1. A Joke this man, this can’t be serious, it is more of a sick joke!

  2. King

    Why is the nation so quiet about this if this is true.
    Why is the opposition so quiet if this is true?
    Why was this minister asked to provide details of this cel phone bill?

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