SEAGA & THE IMF – Offered to Eat his Shirt


“At the end of protracted IMF negotiations in late 1986, Prime Minister Edward Seaga in a colourful exchange offered to “eat his shirt’ if the fund can point to a single successful IMF programme. He went on to reach a landmark agreement on Jamaica’s term without further devaluation. Officials from the financial institutions ( IMF, World Bank), as early as March (1987) quarterly performance test were hailing the programme as a success. For this achievement they tried (‘jocularly’) to hold the Prime Minister to ‘eating his shirt” which he refused to do on the basis that this was his, not the Fund’s success”

Source: UNDP   (Thanks Rawle Burnett)



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4 responses to “SEAGA & THE IMF – Offered to Eat his Shirt

  1. Andy

    Peter cannot walk in Seaga’s shoes.

  2. Damion Heslop

    Could not agree more

  3. dejonie brown

    seaga is the best and it seems the only one with that capacity

  4. and yet he was most demonised

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