Mrs. Simpson Miller, the exit is to your left – T.H.I.N.K Jamaica


By Durie D of T.H.I.N.K Jamaica

This clearly isn’t working out.  It really isn’t.  It makes no sense we skirt around, tip-toe, speak in hushed tones, beat around the bush on this issue.  IT’S NOT WORKING OUT.

Now, barring the fact that I find it distasteful when Mrs. Simpson Miller refers to those who oppose her (including the Opposition) as “some people” and “people” (what is this, Grade 3?), it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Prime Minister may not have that sense of responsibility and diplomacy that comes with the esteemed office.

I’m being kind.  I am.

Today, when Mrs. Simpson Miller was questioned on a particular issue, her response was, “This isn’t a press conference!”  What.  On.  Earth???  So as Prime Minister, the only time one should expect a response to a question from her is at a scheduled press conference?  Does that make sense to anyone?  Anyone???

Splashed across international media today is the news report that President Obama will be taking a pay-cut.  When asked by a CVM reporter if she would even consider cutting the size of her Break…um…Cabinet, Mrs. Simpson Miller responded with something to the effect of “Everyone is focused on the IMF…WE will have to work hard in Jamaica…” (paraphrased).


It was also reported that journalists pointed out to her that Obama took a 5% pay-cut, and when they asked if her Government would consider making similar sacrifices, she said something to the effect of “I have turned down many requests for overseas travel to conferences”and “I do not live at Vale Royal as I don’t want tax-payers to pay”.

[blank stare]

So the grand sacrifice is to do fewer speaking engagements, as well as to not live at the official residence of the Prime Minister, for which upkeep and maintenance would STILL have to be paid, whether or not the PM occupies the dwelling?

Oh. I see.  [looks around] Okay…where are the cameras?  WHERE ARE THE HIDDEN CAMERAS?!  This HAS TO be a joke.

I have to admit that I seriously badmind (yes, BADMIND) entire nations for their leadership.  It’s THAT serious.   There are 7 billion people on the face of the earth and THIS is the leadership that Jamaica is stuck with for the next four years.

[raises eyes to the heavens] *sigh* Dear Lord, a wah we do?

I’m in denial.  I refuse to accept that this is all there is to the leadership that Mrs. Simpson Miller has to offer.  And before others come out and say she’s being so heavily criticised because she is a woman, I’ll say this: It simply CANNOT be that our PM does not feel compelled to perform up to the standard for which she and many other women before her have worked so hard to achieve.  WOMEN DID NOT PUSH TO BREAK THE GLASS CEILING JUST TO SETTLE FOR BEING MEDIOCRE.

I honestly don’t know if we should expect more or better from this Government. Minister after minister come on the news telling the citizenry to “hold strain” and that “hope springs eternal”. People are now having to pay a 150%-300% increase on their property taxes, while the Prime Minister “sacrifices” overseas travel.  Poppyshow!

@Sparky_Channer tweets: “I would have believed PSM more if she said she saved the country a bunch of money by switching to Geico, than those BS reasons.”

‘Nuff said.

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8 responses to “Mrs. Simpson Miller, the exit is to your left – T.H.I.N.K Jamaica

  1. The voters had a choice; about half of them did not exercise that choice and left the fate of our beloved country in the hands of the gullible, die hearted, eat a food nincompoops.

  2. Noel Richards

    While money is being paid for the upkeep of Vale Royal, whether or not the PM occupies it, what should be asked is whether or not she receives a stipend to live at her own personal residence. Her Administration’s act of purchasing so many expensive autos was a flagrant betrayal of trust, particularly at this time.
    The issue of Obama giving up 5% of pay should however be put in perspective. He is giving up 5% of US$400,000, a paltry sum. His main source of income is not that salary. He will not lose in the end since he can claim a tax break for the 5% donated to charity, applying that tax break to the income that will be taxed at a higher level than his salary. It’s a classic practice used by the wealthy to avoid paying higher taxes on higher taxed income. I don’t want to go into the fact that he and his family take too many vacations that cost the taxpayer a lot for security and other logistical necessities, but it is a fact. That is where he could save a lot more. His act is pure political showmanship that few Americans buy. But I agree with you on PSM, she needs to pack the bags and go. Exit, Stage Left.

  3. I LOVE that tweet!! Missed it. These off the cuff comments, when cornered by a journalist are mind-boggling (yes, I heard “This isn’t a press conference!” and gulped). We need to check, but I would think she would get allowances etc for living in her own house, PLUS there is the $14/15 million for the upkeep of Vale Royal. So I rather doubt that she is costing the tax-payer less than if she was living at VR. The fact is that Obama giving up his pay is symbolic. Many Americans think he should have given up more. But symbolism has its place. Frankly I think Jamaicans would welcome a little symbolism right now. Plus, other US government officials say they are going to do likewise. It means something even if it is “showmanship” in your commenter’s view. We could do with a bit more of that kind of showmanship ourselves, I don’t have a problem with it. Meanwhile, I know that OTHER government ministers AND heads of government agencies are still flying first class… Even if the PM is staying home. PS As a woman I find this MOST depressing.

  4. Durie Dee

    What I find most disheartening (‘though it isn’t mentioned in this piece) is that there doesn’t seem to be any inclination to change or do better. And one is tempted to think that those around her (assistants, advisers, etc) encourage this style of…”leadership”.

  5. Brian

    I’m not surprised I’m only surprised that others are. But my question though is why should the so-called leadership in Jamaica (they are not true leaders) should be expected to follow what the U.S leadership does? A mature leader leads and don’t sit around and wait to some other leader to show them what to do. But I don’t expect Jamaican politicians to have any consideration for what is in the best interest of the Country……that is not what they are concern about.

    What Jamaicans need to do is kick all of them out of office and replace them with people who will put the interest of the Country ahead of their owe selfish wants. The people need to shut the Country down peace fully, and bring commerce to a standstill. Jamaicans did it a hundred years after slavery was abolished, under the British. What is wrong with Jamaicans that they can’t do it today?

  6. Noel Richards

    What I am about to say is not about Republican versus Democrat, but US Senator Rand Paul is a good example of frugality and consideration by an elected Representative. He has returned US$1.1 million from his taxpayer allocated Senate budget to the US Treasury since he assumed office in January, 2011. Being an Ophthalmologist, he regularly returns home to Tennessee where he performs free surgery on needy patients. Obama is giving up US$20,000 (5% of US$400,000) while still collecting US$50,000 in an expense account and US$100,000 for personal travel. Even combining his entire Cabinet does nothing and the problem in the US is entirely different from what exists in Jamaica. What Jamaica needs is good leadership that does everything in the best interests of the Jamaican citizen, not the Party, the level of pay will be a bargain then.
    Unknown to the general public is the fact that a few Senators are giving 20% (US$34,800) of their US$174,000 annual salary to charity or returning it to the US Treasury. It’s not a sacrifice since almost all are already millionaires, and those that aren’t, soon will be.

  7. hurting

    I think too much goste is at VALE ROYAL and she is afraid to go there to live .STAY at your house madm PM just give back the incentive to the jamaican people and a cut of your salary ‘ also incorage your ministers to fallow also, like Bruce .

  8. Noel Richards

    While Jamaicans are understandably concerned about this issue, because almost all politics is local, I am going to explain how little most people know about world affairs and how current events in Korea are much more important. The media has shown North Korea threatening South Korea and the US and has shown the US responding with the movement of major strategic forces to the region. What is not seen is some even more important actions that could have severely far reaching consequences fro everyone.

    The whole North Korea problem is about China, not North Korea. China has recently been quite belligerent towards US allies in the region. Taiwan is a known issue, but more recent ones have to do with territorial claims such as the Senkaku (Japan)/Diaoyu (Chinese) Islands and other territory in the Philippines. North Korea is China’s proxy in this issue, it is trying to test US commitment to South Korea. The problem is that the US is totally committed to the region and is now calling China’s bluff in a manner that could start a nuclear conflict if not handled properly. Obama is trying to push China back into a box. Unfortunately, the Chinese see Obama as weak. They were very wary of Bush and were afraid of Romney, who had intended to shift US economic policy towards focusing on the Caribbean and Latin American regions. That would have seen many US Corporations moving much of their investment to those regions, slowly deflating China in a manageable way. Obama instead focused on a military based containment policy towards China, which is precisely the reason for China’s recently more aggressive stance.

    Now for the events that are not reported in the media. The US recently sent 2 E-6 “Doomsday” planes aloft to execute their “Looking Glass” role, with the expectation that they will be up for at least a “few” weeks. They will be kept aloft by KC-135 tankers. The key is that the E-6 is given the nickname “Doomsday” because its sole purpose is to control the US Nuclear arsenal if the land based sites in Nebraska and elsewhere are knocked out. North Korea cannot even deliver a conventional warhead to the US West coast much less a nuclear warhead that is extremely difficult to miniaturize and place on the weak missiles they have. China can reach the US with nuclear weapons, which is why the E-6’s are up. E-6’s have not been continually operational since 1990.

    This is just to put the argument about a 5% pay cut and PSM in proper perspective. There is far too much that is not known by the average person about the hidden activities of their elected representatives. Without this knowledge, those elected representatives are allowed to get away with far too much that is not in the best interests of those who elected them, sometimes they even destroy the lives of those citizens who elevated them to their positions of State power.

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