“I am going through a kind of dark night of the soul because we are trying very hard”

In his own words -Peter Bunting

Saturday – April 13, 2013 as captured by CVM TV – the verbatim transcript of a broken Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting.

“I think after 15 months I am convinced that the best efforts of the security forces by itself will not solve the crime problem in Jamaica but it is going to take divine intervention touching the hearts of a wide cross section of the society and using as the instruments of the divine intervention – the Ministers fraternal, the academics, the business community, those persons who work in the NGO community, those of us who are in political service – all to try and make an impact.

I am not embarrassed to say that right now as Minister of National Security (VOICE CRACKING MORE) I am going through a kind of dark night of the soul because we are trying very hard at the Ministry, I see the men and women of the security forces trying very hard, working night and day – long hours, I see the leadership – capable, competent, professional both of the police and the military and so much effort is being made and yet so little headway, such slow headway ahm is coming out in statistics.

And (LONG PAUSE – CRACKING VOICE) and it really takes a lot of faith to keep working and going in the face of this and of course I am happy that I have so many aaaah persons of faith to encourage and support not just myself but all of the security forces at this time”

2 mins 27 seconds
224 words

Source: http://thecrooksofit.livejournal.com/1974.html



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    Evil abounds when good people do nothing!

  2. Noel Richards

    I will ignore Peter Bunting’s despair because failure was his only road.
    There is only one way that Jamaica can fix it’s crime issues, but it will cost US$5-10 Billion over a three year period. It requires a minimum 40,000 (preferably 60,000) Police personnel saturation of Jamaica. The disbanding of the Jamaica Constabulary Force along with its culture. The restructuring and restriction of the JDF into an Engineering Corps that can only be used for “National Security” in times of crisis. The promotion of the rights and freedoms of Jamaicans with a strong emphasis on responsibilities to fellow citizens. The “Broken Windows” theory for Policing has to be applied. Saturation with all due considerations of citizens rights will do far more to shut out and ultimately eliminate the scourge of illegal guns. It will also eliminate the criminal element of Garrisons.
    Far too many policy makers assume that a smaller, more “intelligence” oriented Police “Force” is required, when the reality is that it is far from adequate and usually resorts to the very force that good Policing should not be about. The details of how to finance this is too involved, but the ability to finance this does exist. How to do away with the JCF and properly Police Jamaica is another much too detailed process for here, but it can be done orderly.
    What I say will sound like pie-in-the-sky to Jamaicans, mostly due to the history of Policing and Politics and also what Jamaicans have accepted. That is understandable, however, nothing is ever accomplished until it is tried, no aspiration is ever a tangible reality until you make it so. None of this can be done in a vacuum, but it can become reality under the right circumstances and with the right leadership.

  3. Brian

    Are those the same security forces that murdered so many innocent people and prevented the media from going in the report what went on, when they were trying to capture Dudus Coke?

    • Noel Richards

      That’s why you have to replace the JCF in its entirety and not recycle the personnel in a new Policing Department. Those who are current members of the JCF who can be prosecuted for provable offenses against Jamaican citizens would get due process.
      Note that the JCF’s and JDF’s actions in Tivoli were supported by the US Government. I mention that to say that I would be the last to tell anyone to trust the US Government, as a matter of fact I overtly tell others to not trust the US Government. You can see them at work in the actions they are taking, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, relative to Gold. The Fed is defending the US Dollar against Gold so that it can continue to run the “Printing Press”, they realized that the US Dollar was falling too far relative to Gold and are now shorting it with paper trades. On Friday they dumped 500 tons of Gold paper trades, shorting the market and driving the price of Gold down from US$1500+/oz to US$1372/oz as of my last price check. The main media says that its about weak market performances and China and India slowing their purchases of Gold, but that’s BS, Gold usually rises when the world economy is rocky. This has been going on for some time, around 2011, when Gold was over US$1900+/oz, but they are beginning to worry a lot more now, which is why they are pushing so hard.
      Anyway, Eric Holder’s only true concern was Coke and dismantling Tivoli as a gun and drug smuggler’s paradise, Jamaicans be damned. The Tivoli action should have and could have been handled differently.

  4. KJ

    Disbanding the JCF won’t do much because they will end up rehiring the same police officers. There is a far simpler way to improve the security forces influence and rid of corruption, but no one wants to spend the money on the salaries, equipment, training and reform.

    • Noel Richards

      That’s not the way I would do it, there is already a well planned way to do it almost seamlessly, but you are correct that the current powers that be would do it that way.

  5. Ray

    This was the minister who was very critical when his party was in opposition about how the government was handling crime. Based on his pronouncement then he had the solution. What now Mr Minister……….where are the solution…………………………..uneasy lies the head that wares a crown

  6. Can this behaviour on the part of Mr. Bunting be characterized as political burnt out ?!! Is there a psychiatrist in the room ?!!

  7. Johnny Ford

    Seems that mr. Bunting is all tapped out … that aside I honestly do not feel the fault lies with security forces or our policing. These DO need improvement however the fault lies in how we have sold out our soveriegnity, manipulated the masses into a partisan culture and have politicians and government administrators turn a blind eye to crime and lawlessness in the name of political favor. THIS fallout was to have been expected given the culture we pursue. While blame can be attributed and rightfully so to sectors of our society we in ourselves are to blame as well. I have often heard parents and peers cursing the security forces and encouraging their children and wards not to heed the recognition of authority granted to the security forces, individually each of us may think we have not contributed to that; collectively we reap what we have sown. 2ndly for whatever system of crime fighting we employ we must have an efficianet means of processing criminals, we should have a judicial system that DISCOURAGES the most heinous of crimes given the cutlure which has developed and has emerged. We have yet to adhere, promote or develop a local court of appeal. Criminals must be dealt with swiftly and harshly within the fullest extent of the law. Incarceration is NOT a vacation at a country club so I see no point in trying to improve tha facilites for inmates seeing that they shouldnt have been there in the first place. Like this insttitution, so too should our strictest laws protecting life and property be. With the swiftness and tanacity with which the legistlation governing NHT funds was pursued so too can most of our antiquated laws and penaties be changed. (I see that whole scenario as hypocrisy of the highest order along with sacrificing our basic bread for the love of a leather furnished Prado). We have yet to reinstitute hanging and capital punishment given the severity and frequency of the rate of murder in this island? We have a unique makeup yet we are still trying to adopted 1st world policing in its unchaged form to our situation. It took a Mark Shields to point out to politicians what millions of jamaicans already knew and a Renato Adams who though not academically proficient showed apparent genious in his crime fighting measures and its netted results. Our society has not yet evolved in a manner nor does or government have the infrastructure or collective cohesiveness to pursue what is good for JAMAICANS in comparison to what is prudent for their individual political logevity and careers. Having worked overseas in various places it is the MAIN reason why even persons who want to return will NEVER return. Why should they? Does it really make sense to come home and be additionalyy targetted for having spent some time abroad.? I agree that times are hard and things may get worse but like the Singapore model and that more recent of Trinidad & Tobago, the administrators have looked ahead ..WAAAY ahead and determined that no matter the chnage of government certain things are to be pursued diligently with no waste of resources and that will ensure a strictysystem of law and order INDEPENDENT of the interference of lobby groups and foriegn nations. Mr Bunting can bury his head in the sand,… There is still much left to do … if he or anyone else in government have the balls to do it. Stop crying and stop complaining. Until you were robbed (AT KNIFE POINT) you had NO IDEA of what the AVERAGE jamaican faces every time they step beyond their gates ….. IF they were lucky enough to wake up in the morning … So while you are crying Mr. Bunting there are many more that have cried and every 5 minutes someone else will be crying, while you sit and ponder from your glass house and extend sympathy for those who are trying to fight crime with tongue and teeth with their hands tied behind their backs…

    • Noel Richards

      There are two things I will vehemently disagree with you about Johnny. The first is the JCF, it must be replaced because of its culture and its ineffectiveness. It originated out of the era of slavery in Jamaica and must go the way of slavery. I have seen, from the perspective of privilege, how the JCF operates, and I abhor it. The other is Renato Adams. I will only go so far as to say that he is one person who should not get too comfortable in retirement from the JCF.
      Some useful information. It doesn’t matter what Mark Shields, Les Green and any of the British personnel said or did after being seconded to Jamaica, their ultimate goal, known to them or not, was not to help Jamaica. The primary mission at the very top of the food chain was to acquire information on Jamaicans. Selling some technology (IBIS) is a benefit, although minor, but the DNA database, a national ID and other proposed programs are for the US NSA database, there is no way that Jamaica can prevent that if these programs are implemented. That’s as far as I will go with this info. Mark Shields was a leading member of the London Metropolitan Police team that dealt with Jamaican gang issues in the UK. You must have heard of Richard Reid (the shoe bomber) who was born in the UK to Jamaican parents, other Jamaican terrorist “concerns” to the US and the Jamaican posse issue that plagued the US and the UK years ago. Jamaica is a major surveillance target and untold information is collected, anything electronic and connected to a network is fair game, even though not used publicly.

      • Noel Richards

        I forgot to mention that I also disagree with Capital Punishment. While some people absolutely deserve the death penalty, it is unwise and immoral for the State to take the lives of its citizens. The Death Penalty is nothing more than State sanctioned pre meditated murder. Self Defense is an entirely different circumstance, and it isn’t self defense for a Cop to say that someone (heinous criminal, petty offender or someone considered “disrespectful”) attacked them and that they had to shoot them, planting a firearm. Jamaicans have to be capable of defending themselves through the personal possession of licensed firearms, the State usually gets to an incident in time to tag bodies, unless it was the instigator.
        The most effective deterrent to the levels of crime being experienced in Jamaica are a thriving micro economy, a stable social environment as a result, and thorough State respect for the collective sovereignty of Jamaican citizens, absent repressive interventionism in personal and economic matters. The State must be placed in context, it does not exist for its own purposes, as it now believes.

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