Statement from the Eldemire Family regarding the renaming of the Cornwall Regional Hospital


The Family of the late Dr. Herbert Eldemire has taken note of the story published in today’s Jamaica Observer newspaper regarding the proposed naming of the Cornwall Regional Hospital after Dr. Eldemire.

The family wishes to categorically state that it does not wish for the name of Dr. Eldemire to be dragged through the mud of political tribalism or be an object in the politically motivated actions of any person or organization.

It is with this in mind that the family wishes to make public its position that it is no longer in support of the renaming of the Hospital after of Dr. Herbert Eldemire.

Throughout his many decades of selfless public service to Jamaica, Dr. Herbert Eldemire was in no way associated with political tribalism, but worked tirelessly to make life better for Jamaicans. Given that he was not involved in such regressive actions during his life, we refuse to allow his name to be sullied by such actions in death.

We advise the Mayor of Montego Bay that there is now no need for any consultation with staff and or the citizenry on this matter. We hope that this decision will settle the issue and that our dear father’s name and spirit can rest in peace.


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