ImageThree months to the day of the commencement of the probe by the Office of the Contractor General into the Richard Azan Spalding Market controversy, Generation 2000, the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, has released a letter sent to the Contractor General, Dirk Harrison, asking him to indicate the proposed date of completion and submission of his report.

The letter which was sent on the 29th day of May, 2013 by president of the organization, Floyd Green, called upon the Contractor General to act in the interest of public and set a reasonable time-frame for the completion of the report. Green also urged the new Contractor General to advise the nation of projected deadlines to complete investigations that are launched in the future, as well as to provide regular updates to the public on the progress of such probes going forward.

Additionally, G2K posed a number of questions to the Contractor General regarding his office’s monitoring of the Government’s mega projects. In particular, the organization asked that “in  light of the pronouncement by the Honourable Minister of Transport, Mr. Omar Davies, in his sectoral presentation to the Houses of Parliament on May 7, 2013, that:

i. “… work has resumed on Section 2 of the North –South link of Highway 2000 and

ii. that the process of land acquisition in relation to Section 1 of the North –South  link of Highway 2000 is moving ahead”

what steps are being taken by the OCG to ensure that there is transparency, accountability and probity in the implementation of the project?”

The Contractor General acknowledged receipt on May 31, 2013 but is yet to provide a substantive response.



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  1. The Azan case might be the easiest case the OCG will ever have to investigate; Mr. Azan admitted that he had erred, his office clerk admitted to the fact that she was collecting the rents for the stalls and the May Pen Parish Council admitted that they were not part of the process to award the contractor the contract to build the stalls on the governments property and that the normal procurement process was not utilized.
    Seems like an easy investigation for the OCG.

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