Controversy: Appointment of Colin ‘Trafigura’ Campbell to run bankrupt JUTC – G2K Writes JUTC Chairman


August 9, 2013


Rev. Dr. Garnett Roper


Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited

Dear Rev. Roper,


Re: Appointment of Collin Campbell


In keeping with the broad principles which are enshrined by the Access to Information Act, our organization’s mandate to act in the public’s interest and in the pursuance of transparency and accountability, we hereby request the following information:

  1. The date on which Mr. Campbell’s application for the post of Managing Director was received;
  2. The number of Persons Shortlisted for the Position;
  3. A Copy of the Functions and Responsibilities and the qualification requirements for the position of Managing Director of the JUTC;
  4.  Evidence of Mr. Campbell’s qualifications;
  5. The date that Mr. Campbell’s contract was signed; and
  6. A copy of the contract which has been issued and signed by Mr. Campbell, this should include the remuneration package.

Additionally, it has been reported in the media that Mr. Campbell’s prior experience as Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport was a deciding factor in the interview process. As such, we think it prudent that you share with the country (a) the performance of the JUTC, including the financial statements of the company, during Mr. Campbell’s tenure as Minister of State and (b) any specific initiative which enhanced the operations of the JUTC that can be attributed to Mr. Campbell.




Floyd Green



CC.       Carlene Ross, Company Secretary

The Hon. Omar Davis, Minister of Transport and Works

Ms. Audrey V. Sewell, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Works



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